Incoterms 2020








…と思ってICCのサイトの記事を見ると,今風ないわゆるsmart contracts風のものもできるようである(こちらの誤解があればご教示いただければ幸甚です)。


Introducing “smartINCOs”: the next generation of the Incoterms rules

As part of its global efforts to embrace the use of technology as a key driver of transformation for international trade, ICC with support from Perlin, a Singapore-based distributed ledger technology company, will develop customisable, self-executing digital sales agreements, incorporating the new Incoterms® rules. This incorporation of smartIncoterms® rules, or smartINCOs, will help facilitate trade by reducing costs and barriers faced by importers and exporters worldwide , notably micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

The platform will utilise sensor data and application programme interfaces (APIs) to prompt triggers for self-execution, sustainability, and other environmental, social and governmental (ESGs) performance indicators to improve trade facilitation.